Business Pan

Based on a REAL Market Need

  • Evaluation will be based on: Uniqueness of Business Concept, Practicality of Business Idea, Financial projections and viability of the project, Sound Marketing Strategies and overall presentation. A business plan that has reached in finals of any already held business plan competition is not eligible.
  • Four copies of Business Plan Document (based on the given outline) shall be submitted to the designated organizers on the specified date. Late submissions will not be accepted. Maximum 3 members of the group can take part in Business Plan Presentation rest may join for Question Answer session.
  • Total presentation time will be 10 minutes for each group. 3 minutes shall be given for question answer session. Extra time utilization shall lead to negative marking. The number of slides should not exceed 10 (Including Introduction and Thank you)

Elevator Pitch
One member from each team will give an elevator pitch of its business plan. The elevator pitch must be concluded within 60 seconds; extra time may lead to negative marking.

Surprise Activities and Workshops
Attending surprise activities and Workshops is mandatory.


Visit this link for detailed guidelines.