I am PEC!

It is easy to do something in reward of a monetary value but your true essence of helping the humanity depicts when you do something without any expectations.


Preston Entrepreneurial Challenge PEC18, has given me an opportunity to experience what it feels like dealing with 200 people on a single venue ensuring true hospitality, exceptional management skills, adrenaline rush moments & stage freights. It is not about arranging a simple business plan competition- its about ensuring each and every thing goes as per the plan.

The time constraints, the deadlines and achievement of a milestone could be the horrors of any Project Manager’s life but for me these things keep me motivated and help me get what I aim.

I was part of the organizing team of PEC 15 when I was a student here at Preston but now managing things at some level above gives me the utmost satisfaction of growing professionally based on your skills.

                           “I am Bakhtawar Mahmood- Project Manager PEC 18”

                                                                                                                        Mein Hoon PEC.

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