From Where it Started – Entrepreneurship @ Preston University

Entrepreneurship was included as a new subject in course schema of Preston University in 2006. Initially it was taught in summer semester to BBA and MBA classes. I was selected to teach this subject considering my practical experience and deep level of interest. From the very first semester it was observed that two months are somehow insufficient for this very important subject and it was recommended to competent authorities to take this subject as a subject for regular four months semester. It was very kind accorded and worthy Chancellor Preston University Dr. Abdul Basit accepted this request and Entrepreneurship was added as a full length subject in four months semester course.

In Business Administration Domain, theoretical subjects typically take two routs in terms of progression. One those can be better taught through giving varied assignments to students and others which shall follow assigning Project to students. Considering the nature of subject, it was observed that Entrepreneurship shall take the second route and justice can be made only if the students undergo preparing Business Plan and present it in order to have a thorough learning; starting from Opportunity Identification, Idea Generation, Realization and finally deciding for Go-No Go decision declared overall document (the first person who gets convinced about the Business is Writer himself, the Entrepreneur)

I can proudly say that since then all classes who were taught by me at Preston University have undergone this extensive exercise of developing a research based, need focused and differentiated  comprehensive document; the Business Plan.  Not only preparing this document but groups and individuals also presented it in precisely professional décor with confidence, faced questions from audiences and instructor and as a result got cleared, mentored and grabbed the complete picture (From Idea to Reality)

Today it’s a great honor for me to state that I have supervised thousands of projects The Business Plans)  of varied nature in my teaching career. No group has worked upon on a previously presented idea and thus the exercise served as nursery of ideas for Preston University official participation in Inter University Business Plan Competitions.

One more thing that I can proudly claim that ideas pitched and presented in class rooms of Preston University were far better, unique and professional compared to many Inter University Business Plan Competitions. Preston University students always work on future ideas and as a result both creativity and viability are perfectly embedded in the class room learning environment.


The author Mr. Humayun Shuja is lecturer at Preston University, Pakistan’s oldest and largest private sector university network. He is himself a serial Entrepreneur and have a hands on 15 years experience of running his own businesses.


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